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The Bastion Difference - Components

We use only the best for each part of the holster, for IWB tuckable holsters we use C-Clips which are undeniably the best clips on the market. These clips allow the IWB holsters to be tuckable while making sure the holster stays in place when you draw, securely fixed to the belt and maintaining a small profile, being barely noticeable on the belt. These clips are available for 1.5 inch (3.81cm) and 1.75 inch (4.44cm) belts and in black and brown. We use high quality chicago screws all coated with corrosion resistant coatings to ensure that they do not deteriorate in any way over time. All our screws are also secured with a thread locking solution to ensure once they are fastened they won't loosen without you knowing. We also use screws that are adjustable with a standard Philips or flat head screwdriver for easy adjustment and no hostelling with alan keys. Plastic Rather than using inferior quality plastics we choose to use only the best thermoforming plastic available, namely, Kydex ® which is a heat resistant, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, aircraft grade thermoplastic. We use a minimum of 2mm thick Kydex ® to ensure your holster is strong and durable. Leather We use only the finest leather from the best tanneries in Cape Town for our hybrid holsters ensuring absolute comfort. We don’t compromise with cheap leather knockoff’s or synthetic substitutes – only genuine leather, guaranteed.

Carry Confident

All our holsters and trigger guards have adjustable retention, allowing you to find a balance that works for you. Retention is easily adjusted by tightening the mounting screws to the desired tightness using our rubber spacers that are able to mould to the required compression. All our hardware is adjustable with a Philips or flat head screwdriver for your convenience. All our clips have multiple mounting points allowing you to move the clip up or down with the adjustment of just one screw in order to select your desired carry height.


We offer a no-nonsense lifetime guarantee on all our products, if it breaks – we will replace it. It’s as simple as that, we believe in quality and customer service and this is how we demonstrate that commitment.



Legacy Shoot

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Here are some photos from a camp for young men between the ages of 15 and 18 that we assisted with. The camp is a survival and endurance camp where the boys spend 5 days outdoors camping and hiking without any amenities. As one of

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