Glock Multicarry Holster

Bastion Holsters Glock Multicarry Holster

Glock Multicarry Holster


IWB tuckable holster for compact and standard size Glocks

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Product Description

This holster is wearable inside the waistband with a C-Clip for ultimate concealment allowing you to tuck in your shirt around the holster should you desire and the C-Clip keeping your holster where you want it whilst being barely noticeable on the belt. The holster has a small profile and allows you to conceal with confidence. The holster is also versatile with mountings allowing you to use it outside the waistband with a clip of your choice for your time at the range.


Out of the various IWB tuckable clips we tested the C-Clip came out on top due to the fact that it doesn’t un-clip from your belt easily and therefore stays in place when you draw your firearm. The plastic used is flexible yet durable and strong. In addition to this it is barely noticeable on the belt for maximum conceal-ability.The clips placement is also strategic and placed in line with the trigger guard in order to push the grip of the firearm towards the body to assist in concealing the firearm. There are also a few right handed shooters who use a right sided magazine release for operation with the index finger, we took this into account when developing the holster and ensured that we have a mag release cover on the right hand side to prevent the C-Clip from ejecting the magazine.


The Multicarry holster works for the following models of Glocks: 26/27/19/23/17/22. For sizes bigger than the 19/23 the slide will protrude from the end of the holster slightly.


We are also able to supply the holster with an outside waisteband mount for a small additional fee as well as a standard non tuckable IWB clip. The holster is available in black and flat dark earth colours, the black is available in both 2mm and 3mm Kydex. The site channel is high so the holster is able to accommodate even large front sites.

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