Glock Trigger Guard

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Bastion Holster Trigger Guard
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Glock Trigger Guard


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Product Description

Our latest model trigger guard has being developed with a smaller profile. It still includes a C-Clip to make sure that your firearm stays in place, allowing you to conceal confidently with no possibility for accidental engagement of the trigger. The trigger guard also features adjustable retention that holds your firearm firmly in place and keeping a tight hold on it while still being able to draw with ease.


-Can be carried with a C-Clip or rope – Supplied with both

-Durable and strong 2mm Kydex.

-Adjustable retention.

-Able to use with a tucked in shirt

-Lifetime guarantee

The trigger guard is also supplied with rope should you choose to rather carry using that or use the trigger guard inside a bag where you can attach the rope to the bag.

This unit includes a spacer between the guard and the C-Clip so that there is not too much tension on the clip and allowing space for if you want to use it as a tuck able holster which is another advantage of this product.

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